Interestingly, the proportion of minerals and salts in human tissue is very similar to the composition of seawater.  Also, the human body is composed of approximately  the same amount of water as the Earth itself.  The universe around us is full of evidence of elegant and poetic design.  Why is humankind, by large, unwilling to honor or acknowledge “in the face” evidence that we are one with our planet?  In many of the most important areas, humans often seem unable to see the nose in front of their faces.  For instance, we give trees carbon dioxide, which we breathe out, and they give us oxygen which we breathe back in.  An important partnership, one would think, yet as a public we seem to allow special interests to divide and conquer our minds.  This causes us to give up our notions of being actively connected with nature for one reason or another.  The rainforest creates one half of the oxygen on Earth for people to breathe.  However, after years of talk nothing has been done to effectively stop their wholesale destruction.  You would think we would want some oxygen in our air, so that we do not die.  Even if we do not care that the rainforest houses two thirds of the species of life on Earth, and that it makes one fourth of the Earth’s fresh water.

According to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, when the oxygen in the blood drops beneath 35% for 48 hours, it becomes susceptible to cancer. We also know that this low oxygen condition allows parasites, viruses, and bacteria to take over. This is because these invaders are killed by oxygen. They are anaerobic not aerobic. Recent research showed that when the oxygen levels in sea water drops the same amount, (due to oil spills or global warming, which cause the death of plankton) the ocean becomes unable to support normal sea life.  How can we escape the poetic parallels?

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The Paradigm Shift is Now

"In the end, change is made by being more “for something” rather than being “against things”.  Remember, if you wrestle with a pig you both wind up muddy.  

By strongly fighting an enemy, we often become like our enemy.  On the other hand, if we sidestep the fight, and introduce effective cures and sustainable energy answers, we can literally change the world."
World changing energy answers and cures for diseases are found in the ocean, in the rain forest, and even in your own body!  Why can’t we accept that it is natural to take your own NATURAL adult stem cells from your own body, then reinsert them to re-grow and heal any and all diseased areas?  

Even if humankind is distanced from nature, can we at least accept miracles which are found in our own bodies? We seriously need to get connected with natural answers and with life more abundant, so we can disconnect from death, hell, and the grave.  

No doubt, this will require a willingness to look at the monopoly of a disease industry, and an energy problem industry, as they are the blockade against cures and cheap energy.

When we look at the hemoglobin molecule and compare it side by side to the chlorophyl molecule, we are shocked to see that they are visually the same except that iron is in the center of the blood molecule where magnesium is in the center of the chlorophyl molecule.  This is a dramatic and poetic example of humankind’s connection with nature.  

Drinking Chlorophyl offers up miraculous healing benefits.  Some say it is equal to a blood transfusion, other studies have shown conclusively that chlorophyll has very powerful anti-cancer properties.  Chlorophyll rich wheat grass has been shown to contain a component that actually repairs DNA!  The ocean is also full of chlorophyll plants.  

Chlorella, found in the ocean, is a chlorophyll-rich algae known to help the body remove harmful substances like heavy metals, dioxins and pesticides.  This is an obvious benefit because some of these substances are causing the damage in the first place.  

Numerous new studies have found that chlorella helps our DNA repair itself!  This is quite remarkable and stands to help reverse some of the ravages of aging and disease.  Sea weed itself cures many ailments for a variety of reasons.  The natural iodine that speeds up our metabolism in an age characterized by slow metabolism conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease is a life saver, and is the first treatment for thyroid issues.  

Recently, biologists at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences have discovered that sea water or salt water can be used to initiate a regenerative response after severe injury. Believe it or not, they found a way to regenerate injured spinal cord and muscle. 

By using a “pharmaceutical cocktail” sodium ions are introduced to regenerate spinal cords and re-grow limbs (according to Ai-Sun Tseng and Michael Levin at Tufts University). This is without the controversy of genetic technology and without stem cell technology, both of which have already been shown to regenerate tissue, and completely reverse and cure disease.  

I am sure that the late actor Christopher Reeve would be proud.  He spent the last part of his life, from his wheel chair, looking for a technology that would re-grow spinal cords.

  Solar Reactor Corporation, a Miami based energy research and development company showed that the ingredients of seawater (hydrogen and chlorine) can be combusted in a limited chain reaction, fired by light. The technology does not require refueling!  The Hydrogen and Chlorine explode, remix, explode and remix over and over with no exhaust and no need for added fuel. This is a new and more powerful Hydrogen process that produces 14 times more motion energy than gasoline. This is the highest energy output of any known process other than nuclear power!  This technology was featured in Nation’s business magazine and demonstrated on all types of motors before it was bought out and silenced in the monopoly controlled market place.  You can read more about this unique free energy break through in this issue of the World Improvement News in the article entitled, “Sea Water gives unlimited free power for humankind!”


Let us examine more divide and conquer thinking.  It would appear that monopoly controlled science does not want to admit to free energy, and that politics would rather have war over oil than to run cars on water… and who is behind the suppression of cures for disease?  Let us review the facts; it is a disease industry not a health industry.  In this disease industry, the FDA has made the use of the word “Cures” illegal.  Why?  The word “Cure” is the biggest threat to a Big Pharma Monopoly.  The FDA makes it unpopular for Mother’s and Father’s to hand down information on herbs that heal their own children.  An example of this would be the suppression of bloodroot as a cure for skin cancer, or throwing people behind bars for selling apricot seeds.  While this is kept out of the main media, the FDA conducts what Judges have called “Terrorist Raids” on vitamin stores, internet business, and alternative Doctors… Basically anyone who sells natural cures that will hurt the sales of Big Pharma and their partners, the Oil Companies.  What?  Did you say Big Pharma is partners with Big Oil?  Yes!  Oil companies and drug companies are partners, joined at the hip, and dedicated to wiping out their mutual competition.  Who is their competition?  Buckle up for this one… The enemy is nature.  Natural cures abound and natural energy answers abound!

Big Pharma, a name for monopolist drug companies, is the largest money maker on Wall Street.  It so happens that  the majority of their medicines are synthetically made from Oil.  Synthetic drugs can be patented which gives the drug companies the ability to own them.  They can not own nature, and they are not supposed to be able to patent it.  Nature is their competition, so they try to wipe it out.  The FDA and the FTC go around together like hired hooligans raiding innocent businesses on behalf of the drug-oil cartel.  They tell the orange growers not to talk about the health benefits of oranges, they threaten to steal all the cherries if the cherry manufacturers quote a study saying that cherries help heal arthritis.  Are they in a “patent it or kill it” monopoly war against Nature?  Yes.

Of course monopoly 101 would tell us that innovation and free enterprise are not allowed into their game.  In their game, there is no “free market” and there is no free “supply - demand” economics. The world longs for (demands) free energy and cures for disease.  However, many inventors are bought off or suppressed, thus illegally eliminating the “supply”.  So much for free enterprise or a free marketplace.  So how do you change the world? Frankly, not by arguing or blaming or being against the problem but  by bypassing the problem and directly offering the solutions.  

Drug companies are not supposed to be able to patent natural things by pretending they are the inventors of things that are invented by God.  Recently, a controversial patent was granted to Geron wherein chemicals extracted from the Astragalus herb were shown to reverse aging by re-growing telomeres on the end of the chromosome.  It is claimed that Geron has healthy cells in petri dishes that do not age or die.  In the past, only Cancer cells did not die. Religion has not been opposed to death, but having healthy cells that don’t die is very controversial, we just can’t have that!?  With little likelihood of getting it on the market, in a disease driven industry, the promise of a fountain of youth drug was still so inviting that drug companies must have paid off the patent office to break the rules and patent nature.  Nonetheless, The World Improvement News is here to tell you the name of this natural chemical that offers to halt aging.  Read more about it in this issue, the article is entitled, “God’s herb reverses aging.”

The primary reason why we are unable to accept our oneness with nature due to “divide and conquer” special interests.   Those institutions work round the clock to make putty out of our minds with false political, philosophical, scientific, and religious notions.  Let us examine this.  Religion does not want you to hold faith in technology. Technology does not want you to place your faith in religion. Too often conservative religion wishes to keep life more abundant off of the Earth - as an idea relegated to a far away Heaven only.  People are encouraging a defeat by being sold on potentially self fulfilling notions of Armageddon or 2012 deadlines. These fearful notions spread like wildfire, while the Rockefeller backed Manhattan institutes publish books that teach misanthropic notions regarding how war and disease are needed to thin out the population.  This Malthusian thinking is a lie.  War and disease is not really good for the economy, and is devastating to humanity.

If “free energy” were allowed onto the market, people would be able to move into the open uninhabited areas of the world rather than be forcefully stuck in population centers like sardines in a can - all addicted and plugged in at the neck to the monopolist power grid.  In these population centers we call cities, the value of human beings is much less than the value of dirt.  Good luck sleeping on a park bench.  The value of power and fuel goes up while the value of humans goes down. You couldn’t sell your eyeball for five bucks.  It would, of course, cost you a hundred thousand dollars to buy an eyeball in the hospital.

Where is the Heaven here?  Too often, new-age and alternative philosophies wish to avoid the term Heaven at all.  Any way you look at it, the historic Jesus is almost all by himself dreaming of a Heaven on the Earth. It was Jesus that said let the model prayer contain, “…thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”.  Of course, if Jesus came around these days he would likely be falsely named a Secular Humanist or a Universalist or a New Age Hippie.  This is because Jesus believed that God made everything in nature - that the Devil didn’t create anything.

There are some who seem to think that God’s magnificent creation can be replaced with Prozac, Viagra and Twinkies.  The monopolies are hooligans with a “patent it, or kill it” philosophy.  All the three letter agencies including the FDA and the FTC and the DOE and the FBI  and the CIA and the IRS  can try their best to be GOD but they simply are NOT.  Try as they might, they can not make a tree.  Is the FDA and the FTC really doing hired hand work for the drug companies to help suppress and or eradicate competing natural answers put here by God?  Yes, and it is  tantamount to spitting in God’s face.

Even evolutionists will not admit to the fact that life can not have developed accidentally and by adaptation.  Scientists already admit that there had to have been intelligent design from somewhere, even if things were evolving.  Like two ants caught in a struggle where both jaws are locked to the death and won’t let go, Christians say that God is a man, yea high with a particular robe and a beard.  New agers say that God is Mother Earth, a woman.  It is a mistake to play God by insisting that God has anthropomorphic characteristics, and to continue to ignore that the intelligent design of creation is a mysterious but wondrous form of God mind.
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We offer cures for diseases and paradigm shift energy answers.

Why is life so disposable on Earth, and why is suffering so easy to rationalize away?  Immersed in television violence, and our brains sotted with beer, caffeine and sugar water, we are quick to join groups of lemmings.  For instance, it is too easy to be content in the crowd as a Remocrat or Depublican, while completely ignoring the obligation to trade foreign debt for the protection of the rainforests, or to demand the introduction of cures for diseases or cheap sustainable energy.  We are quick to join the crowd where we can all ignore the big issues together, like that makes it better!  We are too quick to become conservatives who do not conserve anything or liberals who do not liberate anything.  All this while Rome is burning! Why is Buddhism and Hinduism so quick to act like the Earth is temporary and meaningless, and worse, why are so many Christians so quick to give up the Earth? Many Christians are convinced that Satan is the Prince of the Earth, yet the whole notion of Jesus having arrived was to start a new covenant, and to take the keys of hell away from the devil.  We are supposed to be working toward Heaven on Earth, if we want to get Heaven later.  Unfortunately, most of the ways of thinking seem to have been usurped by the divide and conquer Monopolies. While they tell you to postpone justice and Heaven until later, they have their dirty dollar grubbing hands in your pockets today.  How are we to think for ourselves?  The bottom line is this simple: If something is lifting up your quality of life and standard of living, it should be called a Culture, and if something is holding you down and depriving you of your potential, it should be called a cult.