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It has been said that Free Enterprise and Democracy will be made real when high demand World Improvement Products are not allowed to be suppressed by the monopolies. 

Feature now a world where a “fuel free motor” is allowed into the marketplace. As you look out the window of your house, apartment, condo or cardboard box, what dramatically different kind of world would it be?  Are we headed for a major Paradigm Shift in our reality and perception?

Feature the effect on food prices around the world if truckers did not have to fuel up.  Feature the effect of improving our environment as we use motors with NO EXHAUST.  

Feature a world where:

*  The military industrial complex was not
   trying to take over countries for oil, 
   all the lives saved.  
*  Oil spills no longer drown coastal waters. 
*  Rainforests do not have to be cut down for 
*  Residents of northern states can afford to buy 
   food and medicine from money saved on 
   heating oil needed to survive the cold winters.  
*  Population is not a problem because people 
   are allowed to get off the grid and move into 
   abundant empty land spaces.

It is popularly held that regular hydrogen gas, made from water, produces approximately three times as much energy as gasoline.  However, there is a new, more powerful technology that runs on the ingredients of sea water.  This new process is based on the explosion of hydrogen and chlorine by light.  It yields a surprisingly greater amount of energy than regular Hydrogen.

On the basis of an equal weight of fuel, the hydrogen-chlorine process produces 14 times more motion energy than gasoline.  This is the highest energy output of any known process other than nuclear reactions.  This figure was determined by several independent laboratories including H.P. White Laboratory of Belair, MD.  

Allow me to introduce the Robert Scragg Solar Reactor Engine. This Paradigm Shift motor does not have an exhaust and does not have to be refueled.

The Robert Scragg Solar Reactor Engine has been demonstrated on a wide variety of internal combustion engines and turbines.  The technology was documented and featured in Nation’s Business magazine, and also documented by Champion spark plug company who even made spark plugs (just for this unique motor) that would fire light rather than spark.

The Robert Scragg solar reactor engine uses no fuel other than light to fire a chemical reaction in a closed cycle.  To understand what a closed cycle motor is, we need to look at the word “exhaust.”  Nothing is really exhausted, it just changes form.  With the Robert Scragg engine, hydrogen and chlorine gas are exploded with light, and they break apart, remix, and explode again over and over without any internal energy loss in what is described as a “limited chain reaction”.  

This photochemical reaction (shining a light on it to make the explosion) conveniently allows for the motor to be timed by bursts of light.   The fuel is not used up, it does not go anywhere, there is no “exhaust”,  it is a closed cycle system.  Several patents exist describing the process.  Though well documented, the original breakthrough was not allowed to actually breakthrough, and now the patent numbers are expired and the technology is available to be redeveloped for the public.  This technology could dramatically change the world as we know it!  Get involved and help us develop this technology for the public! 

The patent numbers are:

More free energy motors that work on light!

The Joseph Papp Motor does not need to be refueled.  It is a closed cycle system that has no exhaust.  Noble gases similar to those in some neon lights and other light bulbs are sealed into the combustion chambers.  Light expands the noble gases in the combustion chamber which moves the pistons in the motor. 

This is paradigm shift breakthrough technology that has been independently documented.  The astounding reaction is made possible with light!  Amazingly, closed cycle engines do not need to breathe and have no exhaust and can go underwater or into space where there is no air.  

Look for our article in the next issue of the World Improvement News, entitled:  “The Joseph Papp Motor Needs No Fuel”.

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Is it possible to use the higher energy of light rather than the lower energy of heat?  Can you imagine a fuel that does not “burn”?  Can you imagine a fuel that gives off its energy by changing form when exposed to light?  Other than our green electric cars, can you imagine a car with no exhaust? 
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is here to educate by demonstrating that there is room for change.  Fear of change or of a collapsing economy because of a new type of vehicle or medical technology is only a tactic against the power of public renaissance.

We have been running our cars basically the same since their invention! Can you imagine declining to trade your electric typewriter for a new version of your computer?  Why are we operating this way in the auto industry?  Money. 

Can you imagine what we could do with the resources we outsource to fund both sides of a war over oil?